Semper Nox is a Hack 'n' Slash set in the Middle East with a Blind Female Protagonist. We took a lot of inspiration from games like God of War and Devil May Cry. Staying with the roles we took last project, I am head of the Gameplay team again. So I helped around with a lot of areas, like: Controls, UI, Scenario & Scripts. But I mainly focused on Combat, AI and the Physics (Havoc). We managed to reuse a lot of tech from the previous project, so there was a lot less struggling and frustration, and more time to actually work on the game. Which shows in the end product.


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Lab 26 is a "horror" shooter. It is very dark and has mood as a focus.

We decided this game to take more specialized roles among the programmers, which made my role as lead programmer much easier to manage. As head of the Gameplay team I had a hand in most of the basic structure, including collision, events and player controls.

Most of my focus throughout the project was with handling Havoc and the AI. As this was the first game where we used Havoc there was a lot of experimentation and trying to figure what parts would be useful to us, and in the end it worked out quite nicely I think.

The AI was a fairly simple State Machine, but they could hear you and called for backup when they spot the player. It got praise for being very hectic and fun to play against.








Defenders of Tanotia is a Real Time Strategy game, using control points for resource collecting and avoiding base building for a faster game.

I was the lead programmer during this project, which meant I kept track of what the team was up to and I was the main connection between artists and programmers.

Within the programming I had part in a lot of areas: Server-Client structure, creating our own file format for models and various other data, unit control/selection and individual unit/squad AI including pathfinding. Also smaller participation with the Level Editor, basic Rendering Engine Structure and the AI enemy commander








WhiteSpace is a space shooter set in a white anomaly found in space, playing as a convict being forced to investigate by order of the military.

This was my first project as lead programmer, mainly acting as the go-to-guy about who's doing what and what can be done, both for the rest of the programming team and for the artists. This is also the first game we've made in 3D which means the tech is new and unfamiliar as well as pretty shaky and unstable.

My biggest parts in this project were the Event/Dialogue systems, the Collision and a lot of the GUI.