Why hello there, world.


This is my personal space where I talk about myself, if this wasn't what you're looking for try going back to "Home".


My name is Simon L÷vgren and I like to make games. You can check out the games I made during my time studying at TheGameAssembly over at the "Games" section.


Apart from that I'm a fairly calm guy spending a lot of time at home, playing video games. Fighting games in particular has become a fancy of mine lately. Me and a few friends organize tournaments (known as Ranbats) every other saturday. I'm also a member in the Swedish video game association Terebi GE-MU (Swedish site, beware the language barrier). Where I once were part of the committee, but that is no longer an option due to time constraints.


I'm also quite accomplished in Guitar Hero and I've won or placed highly in several tournaments. I like math and logical puzzles and I'm kind of an amateur 'Speedcuber', I can solve a Rubik's Cube in about half a minute.


I personally value honesty and a positive attitude highly and really try to stay true to that in my everyday life.